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My First Photograph

Congratulations if you are welcoming a new member to your family!

I capture the first days of your baby. It is a precious milestone that you would want to preserve; a celebration of new commitment and a lifetime of love.


Years from now, when you look back at the photographs, you will recognise little personality traits and features that have moulded into the person your baby has become.


It is difficult to remember these fleeting moments without photographs.



My training was centered on understanding baby, safety in posing, use of colours and styling. It is important to find a newborn photographer who you can trust. I am also a Qualified Newborn Photographer certified by the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) which recognises the professional standards of a newborn photographer at an international level after undergoing rigorous tests on ethics, photographer's knowledge and competence, and safety in shooting maternity, newborn and children. The certification seal is designed to provide a specific title that serves to uphold professional status and it is the best quality assurance to the families that we work with. I am truly humbled to be the first newborn photographer in Singapore to achieve this international status. 


"All you need is light and love"

 Ana Brandt, renowned newborn photographer and international speaker 

These are the words given to me by my mentor, Ana Brandt, who had not only imparted me proper skills but also inspired me to put in my best in what I do while keeping good values. I was also very lucky to have received training from Jade Gao and Lexis Ow, who have coached many of the best newborn photographers in Asia and Europe. I am certified by my mentors as a qualified professional.

I have received more than 500 newborn babies over the past six years. 



I have listed down some of the common questions that I have come across. Let me know if you have specific requests or questions and I am happy to answer them.



Book at least four months ahead of your EDD. I only take in a limited number of newborns each month to ensure sufficient time and attention is provided for each family.



Newborn shoot are best taken between 5 and 12 days from birth and this is also the period when your baby is most willing to be posed. Safety is my top priority. I am trained professionally to handle and pose very young babies. We let  baby indicate to us which poses he or she is most happy curled up in.


Props and outfits will be provided for your baby so parents do not need to prepare anything. I have a wide collection carefully sourced from the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. These products are designed and specially made for newborn photography and are safe for your baby. They are also routinely cleaned to give parents a peace of mind.  


Newborn shoot can be conducted at our studio or at the comfort of your home where some parents (and toddler siblings) may feel most relaxed. The shoot usually takes around 3 hours to complete. Prior to the shoot, I will provide you a guide with tips on how to make the newborn session a successful one. 


I have four packages depending on which one suit your needs best. Contact us to find out more.  



I love multiple babies and I am one of the few newborn photographers in Singapore who specialises in shoots for twins and triplets. Do note that the photoshoot typically take longer as I have to wait for the babies to be ready. 


During the shoot, I will capture your baby's beautiful features and the emotional connections between family members. I place a strong emphasis in keeping true to the skin tones of your baby. The aim is to make your baby to look natural because only such photographs can stand the test of time.

Images that you have selected are retouched individually and I usually take 3 weeks to edit and print the retouched images. 

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