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"You never understand life until it grows inside of you".    - Sandra C. Kassis


The wait for a member to the family can be joyous and unnerving at the same time. It is important to document this precious stage of motherhood and it is even more important to find a photographer who have the patience to guide you through the entire process from choosing a maternity gown to preparing for the shoot.


As a mother of three kids and one who had been trained professionally to conduct maternity shoots, I will be able to share my experience and provide you with the guidance that you need. Here are some of the information about the maternity shoot. 


Maternity sessions are best taken during 28 to 34 weeks of gestation when the tummy is nice and round but before the swelling begins. For those carrying multiples or on bed rest, it is advised to have your session a bit earlier, more like 24 to 28 weeks. For woman gaining very little weight throughout their pregnancy (under 10 kilogram),  we suggest waiting until 32 to 36 weeks. 



Maternity gowns and outfits for mummies-to-be will be provided for the photoshoot. You can also choose to be photographed in your own maternity clothing if you prefer. We suggest complementary styling and colours for your partner and children. This means they do not need to have to come in the exact same colour, but perhaps in the same tonal range, as well as style. 


We work with several stylists. Please contact our studio for hair/make-up referrals. The stylist can come to our studio and provide the hair and makeup service or they can meet you at your home. 


We have several packages for Maternity Session. Contact us to find out more.  


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