The story continues when the infant begins to sit or takes the first steps as a toddler.


For families who would like to capture milestones of their babies, we provide milestone sessions for sitters (6 to 9 month old), toddlers (12 to 18 month old) as well as for older children up to 4 years old. These are lifestyle sessions, capturing what babies does best i.e. PLAY! Not only outfits will be provided for baby, we have many toys and props that will definitely bring out the fun side of the families who come for the shoot! 

All milestone sessions are taken at our boutique studio and each session take about 2 hours. Our milestone packages start from $648 and would include both softcopies and prints. Please catch these precious moments at every stage as babies really grow up too fast!


"Photographs are like picture-books. You don't need the words to read out Love."


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